The proof is in the pixels.

Have a close look at our portfolio and you'll see how serious we are about quality and improving your company's image, right down to the very last pixel. Looking is free...just don't touch. Ok, go ahead and touch...but just clean the smudges off the monitor when you're done.

Kurt Pfeiffer is an artist in upstate New York and isn't afraid to use color. His work is bold and adventurous. Some serious eye-candy here.

Website Design and Development

All that...

Appearance is everything...mostly. Many of us everyday, look at dozens of websites, flipping back and forth scanning for the information we want. Over the years as the craft of web design gets more and more defined, we tend to make assumptions about the quality of a site based solely on the look of the website.

The web has grown up, and if your website looks dated, you could miss important opportunities to a competitor's better-looking site.

...and Brains too.

Website and application development is the essential 'brains' behind the aesthetic front end of any project. Our experienced web design and development team play well together and have all of the technical know-how to make your site using industry standard methods and practices. This is important because it can have a dramatic effect on search engine rankings and overall usability of a website.

more about website design and development.

Web hosting

Secure, reliable, and super-fast.

It's all about uptime and speed. We offer three tiers of website hosting service as a convenience to our clients. Starting at under $10/month, we can host your website or web-based application.

We leverage resources from some of the most reliable data centers in the world, ensuring rock solid stability and speed. Don't take our word for it. Why not try downloading a test file from our servers?

Download test file (10MB)


If you are not sure which hosting configuration best fits your needs, or you would like help with planning for your business or web site, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff for a no-obligation consultation.

We're here to work with you, and we can come up with a package to fit your business needs.

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Content management

Power to the people.

How useful is a website if you can't make updates to it? It just sits there, collecting dust, feeling abandoned...

Maybe you have an important announcement to make, daily specials to post, or some news that you want to tell the world. You're excited to share this with your visitors, the only problem is your web designer is on vacation, or worse yet, the company doesn't exist anymore.

One thing's for sure that with our content management solution, you don't have anything to worry about. Change your website as often and as much as you'd like. Afterall, it is your website.

Zero learning curve.

Log in from any computer with an internet connection and start updating, save your changes and your site is updated live.
It's that simple.

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News and developments

1.25.08 New site launch

Pixelcore Studio dot com is now leaner and meaner, sporting a clean, streamlined design, some cool javascript modules, and fully compliant xhtml code. Love it? ...hate it? Leave a comment in the new guestbook.

1.15.08 Voice your choice update.

We've entered this site and we're pleased to say that it's doing pretty well so far. We are currently in the top 15 percent in the rankings. Thanks for the clicks.

1.10.08 New site launch - Laura Duffy Design

Laura Duffy Design is launching later today. Laura is a book cover designer and this is her online portfolio of work. Check it out.

12.17.07 Voice your choice.

Cs3 Command Shift 3 is this new and very addictive site where website designs battle each other for the top spot and bragging rights. Of course we couldn't resist, so take a minute or two and get clicky.

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Pixelcore studio is a full service web design studio in Rochester, New York. We provide exceptional graphic and motion design, website design and development, and affordable web hosting with an easy-to-use content management solution. More about us »

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